onekloud, the first Cloud Control Platform

We build for you the first Cloud Control Platform which manages all access rights to your cloud resources per user, team and project,
enforces time and dollar based quotas and prevents any cloud access credentials misuse.

Identity access management

Users, team, configurations and projects management

Infrastructure discovery

Auto discovery of your existing services, multi-accounts

Resources access control

Cloud resources full control access per user, team and project

Resources type filtering

Access limitation to resources types per user, team and project

Personalized resources quotas

Automated upfront spends capping per profile, user, team and project

Built-in security

Prevention of any misuse of the cloud resources access credentials

Audit trails

Full tracking of users actions and their induced spends

True cost control

Budget analysis and true upfront cost control and forecasting

Try our private beta

We will launch our Private Beta on May 2016 (on AWS first)
If you want to be the first to get back in control of your Cloud, and help us fine tune your dream solution, just let us know.
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